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Powerwashing or "pressure washing" involves the use of high-powered hoses and other equipment to remove dirt from exterior surfaces. It can be done by professionals or homeowners with some research into safety measures that must be followed for each type of surface being cleaned, but it's important not just anyone does this job as there are many variables involved in power washing which could lead them to damage their property if they don't know what will happen beforehand! We prefer a soft wash approach that relies on nontoxic cleaning material to attack the problem areas while avoiding damage to any parts of the home.
Using the wrong detergents can damage your home as well as your plants. The detergents we use are specifically for soft washing homes and are water-soluble, meaning your plants will be safe with a simple rinse of water.
When it comes to oil stains on your driveway pressure washing may lessen the appearance of the stain. Depending on the severity, the stain may need a specialized service to remove it. No, we do not offer an oil stain removal service. Rust stains will almost never be removed with pressure washing alone. Rust is a chemical reaction and therefore must be treated as such. Yes, we offer rust stain treatment.
I know for a lot of folks this is the #1 question. How much is it going to cost? We understand it can be frustrating to call a business to find out a price, only to be told: “it depends”. So for your convenience, and full transparency here are our prices: For all residential home washing services: We charge 10-15 cents/sq ft Simply put, the longer it has been since the home was last serviced and the amount of build-up accumulated will affect the cost.
We take service calls Monday-Saturday and can set up an appointment for a quote the same day and service can be provided as early as the following day (excluding Sunday). Appointments can be booked up to 30 days in advance.
For an average-sized home, a basic home wash should only take a few hours. The vast majority of our customers can expect a same-day turnaround time for their cleaning.